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The Lost Women Of Lost Lake (2011)

by Ellen Hart(Favorite Author)
3.58 of 5 Votes: 5
0312614772 (ISBN13: 9780312614775)
Minotaur Books
Jane Lawless
review 1: Jane Lawless is a most intriguing character, always thought provoking and sometimes frustrating. This episode of her adventures brings her to the assistance of old friends with secrets. I love the setting and found the questions raised to be most compelling. You see the secret has to do with that period in time that I came of age myself. Lots of difficult questions raised-no perfect answers. Definetly a series worth reading!
review 2: I really hate it when I rate a book low, but I suppose the main reason I didn't like this book very much is that I didn't read any of the previous books in the Jane Lawless series. I was not especially enamored with any of the characters and I found the writing to be very choppy. I guess it might make more sense if I star
... moreted from the beginning but I probably won't be searching out any others in the series. less
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It was hard to keep track of who's who and then after a while it just wasn't worth trying.
its an okay. I'd like to know more about her relationship with her partner that died.
Easy read. Good characters I like re-visiting from time-to-time.
Really surprising book. I liked it!
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