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A Good Student (2008)

by Elliot Mabeuse(Favorite Author)
4.24 of 5 Votes: 2
eXcessica publishing
review 1: This is an awful book. Poorly written the story is nothing more than gratuitous sex. The main character is a mysoginist. He practices BDSM irresponsibly. There is no discussion about what they will be doing. He assigns her a safe word late in the game and at one point even forbids her from using it. The entire book is ridiculous. I would seriously save your time and money because it's simply not worth reading. If you're into erotic romances with BDSM elements please do yourself a favor and read The Siren by Tiffany Reisz. That entire Original Sinners series is amazing and it has a plot!
review 2: I really enjoyed this story. I chose it based on the BDSM themes and because it was written by a male. I certainly wasn't expecting something so real to life or cere
... morebral(as cerebral as a BDSM book can be anyway ;). This story almost read like a memoir that lets us delve into the mind and heart of a Dom towards his sub. Of course there's lots of hot sex but there was a depth to the story that's suprising. I definitely recommend it. less
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Intrigued with the blurb and the different reviews. Looking to get a copy of this book.
Intense and passionate relationship between the two protagonist.
Very good book. Very steamy. More complete review coming soon.
Wow. Had to redownload it. Differnet kind of book.
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