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The Fifth Knight (2013)

by E.M. Powell(Favorite Author)
3.63 of 5 Votes: 2
1611099331 (ISBN13: 9781611099331)
Thomas & Mercer
review 1: I'm tired of all the anti-clerical/anti-dogma about the Catholic Church. I have no problems with the antagonist being a cleric...they are human. I'm even okay with a discerning Nun to discover her true vocation is marriage. Why does Ms. Powell have to tear at my faith to compliment her characters. Every organization can have nefarious people in them, but Ms. Powell seems to imply that the dogma of my faith is responsible. I know it is only fiction, but many authors have used fiction as a vehicle for voicing social change. If this is a motive of Ms. Powell, she is entitled to it, but I want to point it out and vehemently disagree with it.
review 2: Powell's idea to bring in a fifth knight to the Canterbury story was novel. Upon reading her bio I knew it wou
... moreld also be historically accurate as it was. At first I was disappointed, however, because I wanted more information and time spent with Becket in Canterbury, which is the reason for three stars. Yet I found myself captivated with Theodosia's character; I could not wait to get home from work to read. Although there may have been one too many near escapes, I recommend this book to anyone who loves historical English fiction. less
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I really enjoy historical fiction...especially regarding medieval times
An interesting and exciting read.
Its ok.
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