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Gives Me Hope: The 127 Most Inspiring Bite-Sized Stories (2010)

by Emerson Spartz(Favorite Author)
4.65 of 5 Votes: 2
Ulysses Press
review 1: So often when it comes to writing my mind restricts itself to judging books based on the academic merit of the words and word-structure. Critics say, "This author is a master of storycraft" or "so-and-so writes prolific prose." What we forget when judging literature by it's grammatical and vocabulary correctness is that stories are an artform and instead of judging them based on academic merit, we should measure the success of a tale by it's capability to incite an emotional response from the reader -- whether that emotion is tears of empathy or a clenched fist of rage doesn't matter. This tiny collection of true-life stories managed to make me smile, chuckle, cry and a GAVE ME HOPE. For inciting all those marvelous emotions, I give it an A. :)
review 2: This c
... moreute little book is absolutely amazing, very heart-warming, and incredibly inspiring. The beautiful images on every single page enhance the impact that the stories will have on you. And just like it says in the title, this book Gives Me Hope knowing that not all of humanity is lost. It is definitely something that everyone, no matter how young or old, should read at least once through in their life. less
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I love going to the gives me hope website so having the book was a must have for me
Lovely beautiful book full of pictures that can make literally anyone smile
i couldn't get past 5 pages without tearing up, in a good way!
This is an inspirational read. I highly recommend it.
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