Avoiding Inadvertent Productions and Other Excel Blunders: New CLE via Wolters Kluwer/myLawCLE

Wolters Kluwer/myLawCLE will webcast my exciting new CLE presentation from 2-4 pm on October 16th.  I will use real Excel files to explain tricky features of Excel that attorneys must be aware of, such as hidden content, filters, comment boxes, and overflow text.   I will also discuss several high-profile episodes where failure to understand Excel led to an embarrassing lawyer moment, including the famous Lehman Brothers bankruptcy incident.  This is a unique learning opportunity for practicing lawyers–many CLE programs talk about how to cope with an inadvertent production after it’s happened, but this one will help you avoid one in the first place.

The program will be broadcast live from Wolters Kluwer’s studio in the Google Building in NYC, and I will take emailed questions from the audience.  It should be a lively and informative event!  Follow this link to learn more and register for the webcast.

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