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Something Blue (2013)

by Emma Jameson(Favorite Author)
3.49 of 5 Votes: 3
1491070021 (ISBN13: 9781491070024)
Lyonnesse Books (May 22, 2013)
Lord and Lady Hetheridge
review 1: This continues to be just a really fun series. Looking forward to book 4. The interactions between Tony, Kate, and Paul are wonderful; at times laugh out loud hilarious, at times touching. Tony is a wily one, and I love that about him. He is quite ready to confront issues head on when he needs to, but is also adept at dodging confrontation ("sorry sir, I can't hear you, the reception is terrible"), and seems to have quite the skill for knowing which situations call for which approach. I was really happy to see Jules back in this book, and to see Jules and Tony tentatively developing a father-daughter relationship. And Sir Duncan is back! Alas, so is Vic Jackson, who I can only hope gets his comeuppance soon. Can't wait to see what happens in the next ... morebook.
review 2: This is book #3 in the Lord and Lady Hetheridge Murder Mystery Series. It revolves around a Scotland Yard Homicide Detective Superintendent and Detective Sergeant Kate Wakefield who works under his command, as well as other regular characters. As tightly written and suspenseful mystery writing, I have to say that this book (and the previous two books in the series) cannot be given high marks. The cases seem slow and plodding, and I have difficulty caring about the outcome. Despite all that, I will continue reading this series as fun fluff, because the main characters are complex and compelling and for the most part immensely likable. Lord Hetheridge is a 60 yr. old, never before married blue blood. He is old money British aristocracy, well-educated with impeccable manners and style. He is also pretty set in his ways after many years in authority, with only himself to please. Now enters Kate Wakefield, who has worked her way to her present position by grit and determination. She has no money, no style, and usually no manners. She is 29 years younger than Lord Hetheridge, and is raising her 10 year old nephew in place of her sister, (who is in a Psychiatric Hospital being treated for schizophrenia. In addition, she is also providing a home and supervision for her brother who has Autism. She and Hetheridge fall in love and marry,(not a surprise or a spoiler, otherwise it would not have been called the Lord and Lady Hetheridge series). The interactions, bloopers, and adjustments between these diverse characters is wonderful, and it is that, rather than the murder mystery that will keep me reading this series for as long as it lasts.There were some irritating copy mistakes in the Kindle Version, but I NEVER base a book rating on the quality of the editing. I read and write reviews for a story description that help readers decide if this is a kind of story that piques interest. The mention of editing issues is only mentioned here to give people that deal with editing mistakes poorly, the chance to choose a different format. less
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First one was the best but they have all been good. More please!!! Sir Duncan is creepy!
Best appreciated, I think, as a novella about the wedding.
It was finished too soon!!
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