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La Huida (2013)

by Emma Pass(Favorite Author)
3.76 of 5 Votes: 2
8490430012 (ISBN13: 9788490430019)
review 1: Nominated for the Inkies 2014. Jenna Strong has been committed to prison for the murder of her parents. She escapes with the help of a mysterious group of dissenters, who give her a new face and identity, so that she can help them in their fight against the cruel and oppressive government.As is often the case with such teenage novels exploring a dystopian futuristic world, there is so much plot that the characters can seem mere vehicles for the action that is occurring. This seems another novel tapping into the Hunger Games hype.
review 2: Jenna Stone is in prison for killing her parents. The only female in the ACID (Agency For Crime Investigation and Defense) she is tough and smart. One day she is helped to escape from the prison, given a new identity and a
... moreLife Partner. Her Life Partner, Cade, bails on her. She meets Max Fischer, the son of the doctor who died getting Jenna out of prison. Jenna and Max are on the run from ACID. They hide out in many different places with unsavory characters. When ACID catches up to them, they are separated, but not before Max finds out some horrific news. Jenna also learns some startling facts and has to dig deep within herself to survive.I really liked this book. Jenna is a very strong character who doesn't back down from a challenge. This book is full of plot twists and several unexpected turns. As it has been said, "You can't believe everything you see." less
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3'5. Tendía un 4 si no fuese por el romance, que no pintaba nada en la historia.
A very good book. However, could have in some places perhaps had more detail
What a great read! More please!
Awesome book
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