Counterfeit Tour

Day 1 – The Key Club, Leeds.

I woke up at 5am to travel 8 hours up to Leeds to meet up with the boys. I hadn’t seen them since the As Yet Untitled video shoot, so it was great to catch up with them and hear about the European leg of tour.

After soundcheck we got food, where I got this shot of Pmar (Guitar tech/driver)

I’ve only ever photographed Counterfeit on big festival stages, so going to a room with no barrier and one small spot on stage to shoot from was a challenge. It was definitely a bit of a struggle not being able to get anywhere near the front of stage, luckily J loves going in the crowd. This was during ‘Letter’s To The Lost’ and probably my favourite photo from the show.


Day 2 – Manchester Academy

Some of us had stayed at Jimmy’s that night, so we started the day in the best way possible, walking his 3 dogs and a full breakfast spread (It was incredible, major thanks to his family for that).

Tonight was a much bigger stage, with an actual photo pit. The boys had also gotten their friend Ryan down to do lighting for the show. After taking some pictures during soundcheck, I was feeling much more confident. This was one of my favourite nights footage wise. Big up Ryan for smashing their lighting!

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Day 3 – O2 Academy, Newcastle

Good ol Timmy Trumpets.

Playing downstairs in the same venue was Timmy Trumpets (A song of his became a meme, you’ll have heard it). My main memory from Newcastle is the boys dancing/raving on the balcony. I’m so glad I have that on video.

I’d gotten used to the set and what to look out for by this point. The sheer amount of photos I have of J’s kicks! This is my favourite one though.

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Day 4 – Stereo, Glasgow

Scotland is one of my favourite places, the people there are insane. The crowd was the rowdiest of tour so far. I loved it.

I’d seen some footage from the boys european shows and the one thing I knew I wanted to catch was J’s jump. He hadn’t done it the previous night’s and I wasn’t expecting it tonight. It wasn’t until 2 seconds before that I realised what he was going to do. I just shot and hoped for the best.

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Day 5 – Rock City Basement, Nottingham.

After how good Glasgow was, I didn’t expect Nottingham to live up to that level of chaos. I was super happy to be proven wrong. Any show where I have to constantly run around and climb things to get the shot, makes me fall in love with this “job” all over again.

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Day 6 – O2 Academy, Birmingham

Today started with a pub meal. Hot food is a blessing on tour and was much needed. I drank A LOT of tea here. I dont think I’ve ever seen anyone as happy about profiteroles as Tris.

I don’t have much memory from Birmingham, except being tired. 6 days of late nights, early mornings and hours travelling on top of shows, takes it toll. Nothing like a show to wake you up though.

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Day 7 – Day off.

I didn’t take a single photo that day. I slept in, ordered pizza with T and Christian and chilled out all day. It was great.

Day 8 – The Fleece, Bristol.

This was the closest show to where I live, and somewhere I’ve attended regularly for shows, I really wanted tonight to be good for the boys. Pre show consisted of watching Sam beat Jimmy at Connect 4…several times.

I really enjoyed Bristol. All the boys (minus Jimmy) got in the crowd, something I believe they’d only done once previously. I had too much fun trying to capture it.

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Day 9 – The Underworld, London

My last show of tour. I knew it would be a highlight with it being sold out and a hometown show for the guys.

I can’t remember the last time I had nerves this bad before shooting a show. They lasted right up until the light’s went down, then the excitement hit. The rest is a bit of a blur but WHAT A SHOW.

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I can’t thank the boys enough for bringing me out on the road and letting me experience the chaos first hand. To be able to shoot such passionate and energetic people every night was nothing but an absolute pleasure. Nothing but love for Counterfeit and their team.

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