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La Guerre D'Alan. D'après Les Souvenirs D'Alan Ingram Cope (2000)

by Emmanuel Guibert(Favorite Author)
4.03 of 5 Votes: 3
2844143148 (ISBN13: 9782844143143)
review 1: Unless you count illustrated classic comic books, this was my first graphic book (non-fiction or otherwise) and I loved it. A whole different experience in reading. And having been locked into digital, it gave me a renewed interest in picking up another print. Can't say the subject matter was all that exciting, though. It's just that Alan's life was interesting in a way that I think my own life could be interesting if told in an interesting way.
review 2: This is a graphic novel about Alan Cope's life during and after World War II. There isn't anything terribly unusual about some of these stories, but they are nice stories. Alan met all sorts of people, and his stories show a little bit of the uncertainty and confusion that existed after Germany was defeat
... moreed. I liked the artwork, and this was fun and interesting to read. I felt a bit bad for the guy though, spending so much of his life searching. . . less
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Artwork and design were well done, but the whole thing was very pointless.
Very touching. Liked it quite a bit.
Excellent series. Enjoyed it a lot.
Pekar. Tintin. WWII. Superb.
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