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What Animals Really Like (2011)

by Fiona Robinson(Favorite Author)
4.02 of 5 Votes: 2
081098976X (ISBN13: 9780810989764)
Harry N. Abrams
review 1: What a fun story! Mr. Herbert Timberteeth proudly presents his latest song, "What Animals Like Most." The performance begins with animals liking exactly what you expect. Until it is revealed that cows like to dig and shrimp like to ski. Kids will find the interrupting animals and their newly revealed like quite funny. My only complaint is that the animals could be a bit tough for younger readers to identify; I thought that Mr. Timberteeth might be a naked mole rat but I believe he's actually a beaver.Recommended for preschool through grade 1. Kids are sure to enjoy this fun book!
review 2: We human beings think we know, don’t we? But we don’t. And this little children’s picture book proves it. When asked to participate in a musical about what anima
... morels really want, animals at first comply and reply with stereotypical animal likes but, gradually, as the musical progresses, the animals begin to rebel and answer from their quirky animal hearts. Like all really good picture books, this book can be about more than the real preferences of kangaroos and cows. With foldout pages and big bright illustrations that make the real book much, much better than an e-book.“We are monkeys, and we like to play.We are horses, and we like fresh hay.We are worms, and we like to wiggle.We are warthogs, and we like to……blow enormous bubbles.Blow enormous bubbles?Stop! Stop!That’s not in my song.” less
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Cute funny story that kids will enjoy reading or listening to.
A fun read aloud about animals and what they really like!
we loved this one! such fun! boys were cracking up. :)
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