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The 3-2-3 Detective Agency: The Disappearance Of Dave Warthog (2009)

by Fiona Robinson(Favorite Author)
3.52 of 5 Votes: 1
0810970945 (ISBN13: 9780810970946)
Harry N. Abrams
review 1: A perfect "first graphic novel" for kids. Not being a huge fan of graphic novels myself, at first I was disappointed in the quality of writing (it's really bad). But, it wasn't long before I was laughing at the dialogue, and of course at the pictures. I think this is an example where the pictures add a lot to the story, and it was a really fun adventure for 2nd-4th graders. Also nice to find an innocent graphic novel that I can give to even the youngest reader. I'll be buying more in this series!
review 2: A delightful mystery story about a group of animals who meet on the 3:23 train to Whiska City where they decide to open up a detective agency together. Upon placing an advertisement in the paper they receive several clients reporting missing persons and final
... morely the mayor shows up to report the entire police force missing. The new detectives are on the case and find all disappearances lead to one place! The characters are delightful from Slingshot the overactive Sloth to Roger the dung beetle with a taste for gourmet cooking. The mystery is a fun one that kids will love and the book is full of humour. The illustration style is bright and detailed. The only issue I may have with the book is that the frames could be a little over busy and crowded and the text is on the small size. This could have been solved by producing a larger format book. Otherwise a very fun, enjoyable book that kids will love and hopefully we will see the 3-2-3 Detective Agency in further adventures to come. less
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Fun little graphic novel that I think even very young readers will like.
Very clever graphic novel with lots of twists & turns.
Friendship and a little bit of poop solves a mystery.
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