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1936 On The Continent The Entertaining Travel Annual (2000)

by Fodor's Travel Publications Inc.(Favorite Author)
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0340384379 (ISBN13: 9780340384374)
review 1: Another case of not finishing a book.In this case, noone is expected to read a travel guide cover-to-cover.I chose a few of the big geopolitical hot-spots of the time to get a better feel for the pre-WWII era - Germany, Austria, the Soviet Union, and Spain. Throughout reading about hotels and cafes I kept wondering how many of these locations and the communities that revolved around them survived the following decade.
review 2: Why read a nearly 1000-page reproduction of a 75 year-old travel guide to Europe? Because it's fascinating! It provides great insight into the social mores and assumptions of the time (ladies are clearly the 'gentler, weaker sex', meriting separate suggestions) and into what is now history: in 1936, the year this guide was written, Georg
... moree VI took the English throne after the abdication of his brother Edward VIII abdicated the English throne and Mussolini was on the rise in Italy, as was Hitler in Germany -- all are addressed, reported as current events affecting the traveler. 'On the Continent' serves wonderfully as a time-travel guide to a Europe that was. less
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If I had a shelf titled " For when you have insomnia" this would definitely be on it. DNF
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