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Jack 1939 (2012)

by Francine Mathews(Favorite Author)
3.67 of 5 Votes: 5
1594487197 (ISBN13: 9781594487194)
Riverhead Hardcover
review 1: An intriguing and, because of the young Kennedy's known movements, an entirely plausible idea. I too was afraid it would be too jingoistic and 007ish. However Kennedy is as flawed and fragile as you would expect and hope for. There is enough tension early on to get you hooked and he does happens to be at the right place e at the right time as the story unfolds. Towards the end it is a little stretched, however, as Matthews works hard to bring all of the plot pieces together under the cloak of what actually occurred. Just a little too contrived at the end for me to give it a fifth star.
review 2: During this 50th anniversary year after JFK's assassination, I picked up this unusual fictional story of a young JFK recruited by FDR to spy for him. It was a ver
... morey intriguing story, peppered with real historical details (I'm still sorting those out) and a fast paced spy story. I enjoyed Mathews' portrayal of a young JFK, sick (later diagnosed as Addison's disease but kept from the public) yet full of life, rather a bad boy in his domineering father's eyes, and most of all, a brave young man. Joe and Rose Kennedy don't fare too well in the character department. I'm intrigued by Kick and her story, as she was the closest to Jack Kennedy. It is fiction, but there are many elements that were rumored to be true about Joe Kennedy and she has woven them masterfully into this absorbing read. Adult fiction, recommended. less
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Interesting story but it seemed very far-fetched to me at times.
Interesting take on a young JFK and a good thriller.
excellent book. well woven tale.
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