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Hector And The Secrets Of Love (2011)

by François Lelord(Favorite Author)
3.46 of 5 Votes: 1
0143119478 (ISBN13: 9780143119470)
Penguin Books
review 1: I like hector still being his lovable self. Love his innocent ways of analysing the enotions from love, anguish, guilt, anger and etc.what I dislike is the way story goes left and right with hector chasing after the Professor. just too many characters jumping into the story stealing limelight from hector...the japanese duol, Jean-Marcrl, Gunther... even Hi and Ha. it feels like there are just too many "sub" stories going on. overall it was a likeable reads though cannot compared to book 1.
review 2: Have you ever read a Hector book? The first one was Hector and the Meaning of Happiness and I would suggest that one over this. It’s almost like being in a Wes Anderson film.Hector is a psychiatrist from France. At the beginning of the book, Hector is feeling
... more a bit tired. So many of his patients are coming to him with problems of love. He has hung a picture of Chinese characters in his office and whenever a patient asks what it says, he tries to come up with a saying that best fits his/her case. At home, he is also having problems with Clara. He is invited by the large pharmaceutical company Clara works for to a weekend of important meetings on a tropical island. There, they discuss love and Hector is picked by Clara’s boss, Gunther, to go in search of his old friend, Professor Comorant, who has made off with the research for a new love drug.At his first stop, the professor leaves a sample of his new drug for Hector and a pretty waitress, Vayla, to try. Frustrated with his failing relationship, Hector agrees. What follows is a word on finding, defining, and keeping love. What is love? Hector answers this with his seedlings. What is heartache? Hector breaks down the components of this as well. He is a man confused, still in love with Clara and wondering if it is only the professor’s drug that has made him love Vayla.The problem with love is that it is so powerful that everyone would like to be able to control it with a simple vial of liquid. It soon becomes clear that Gunther is not the only person interested in the professor’s research. Can Hector find the professor and the antidote to the drug? Can he prevent it from ending up in the wrong hands?This was a nice little read but not nearly as good as the first. I think I will take a break before reading the next in the series. less
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light & easy read. light-hearted & simplified psychiatry but amusing take on human observation.
not as good as Hector and the Search for Happiness, but still a worthwhile read.
I just love Hector and his books :) I think everyone should read them!
Not as good as the first Hector book but still a good read.
Hector and Clara :(
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