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My Seinfeld Year (2000)

by Fred Stoller(Favorite Author)
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review 1: I remember seeing Fred Stoller doing stand-up comedy on TV as a kid, and here and there on TV shows, but didn't know he wrote on Seinfeld until I heard him on podcasts promoting this book. It is a short and insightful look on the world of TV sit-coms from the point of view of someone who has lived in that world, but on the fringes of it, for a long time. I enjoyed what stories were told here, and was glad to see that the only episode that he wrote that actually got filmed was one that I remember and is a personal favorite. However, the fact that it was only one season left this book bereft of very many interesting tidbits (though the book is quite short so it is not as if he tried to stretch out his short experience into something heftier or more meaningful than it was)... more. I think this book probably would have been a disappointment had Stoller tried to make these experiences something greater than what they were, but he seems to have a good sense for his place in the TV world and what the reader would find interesting about it. I read this as a break in the middle of reading a long, complex novel and for that it was just right.
review 2: You don't recognize the name, but you'll recognize his face in a fraction of a second when you see it. Fred's sense of humor is not funny haha, it's funny heh heh. What gives this book value is insight into the life of a G-list celebrity, who does just enough to get by and not give up what he's doing. It's quite an amazing thing to have the Seinfeld writing process revealed as well. You feel for him though, because the takeaway effect of the book is that you want to find this guy and give him a big, fat hug. less
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An interesting look of the inner workings of the TV show from an insider.
Funny, short book (single). It helps to be a Seinfeld-fan.
Not as interesting/funny as I thought it would be.
Very entertaining. Easy read.
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