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Chances (2011)

by Freya North(Favorite Author)
3.82 of 5 Votes: 4
0007326661 (ISBN13: 9780007326662)
review 1: A very predictable plot, but writing is down-to-earth and readable. Such storylines have appeared aplenty in the romance section, and “Chances” do not stand out as such. However, I still found it extremely entertaining, and couldn’t stop reading. In fact, I brought this book with me when I visited Cambodia and Bangkok in December and had to finish it in the bathroom past midnight to avoid disturbing the rest of my family! Exact rating : 3.5
review 2: I have really mixed feelings about this one, the first book by Freya North I've read. On the one hand, it's a nicely written love story with appealing characters and an engaging tale about a young widower and an endearing heroine finding love. I liked the setting - That Shop - and the fact that Vita's a reade
... morer and spends much of her time behind the counter working her way through a pile of books. But what I really didn't like - and I am conscious I'm going to sound like someone's maiden aunt here - was the liberal use of the "f" word, as an expletive and a description of the act, and the explicit conversations among friends about sex. Maybe this is how friends in their thirties talk, but I really didn't like it. The outcome was pretty obvious throughout, and chick lit often is that way: apart from the language that really jarred with me, this was otherwise a fairly light enjoyable + fluffy beachy read. Not an author I'll be searching out again though. less
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A delightful love story and a giant pear tree
Excellent chick-lit. Witty, sad, romantic.
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