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Monokultura; Kako Je Ekonomska Logika Preglasila Vse Drugo (2011)

by F.S. Michaels(Favorite Author)
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review 1: Oh, the frustration: I want to recommend this book highly for its ideas while acknowledging that the writing isn't the greatest. Try it anyway: it's thin. The monoculture Michaels is discussing is an economic one: the idea that everything in life (religion, nature, education, medicine, etc.) should be viewed in terms of its profitability, its cost to us, whether it's efficient, and so on. The author provides many examples (yay!), but in spelling them out, they come across as repetitive. View this book as an introduction to the topic and I hope it encourages others, and the author herself, to explore it in more depth in future works.
review 2: An excellent, thought-provoking read. This was one of those books that really made me think days after reading it becaus
... moree suddenly I was aware of how the economic culture seeps into so many aspects of our lives. Although frightening at times, especially regarding how the economic culture has influenced healthcare, overall I found this book hopeful and empowering. With FS Michaels' clear, concise writing style and the uniqueness and relevance of the subject, it is one of the best non-fiction books I've read in a long time. less
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Thought provoking—a worthwhile short read.
Won this book from goodreads!
Now this sounds interesting
It's an okey book.
Fantastic book.
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