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Santuario (2012)

by G.B. Gordon(Favorite Author)
3.96 of 5 Votes: 1
1937551652 (ISBN13: 9781937551650)
Riptide Publishing
review 1: A interesting story about power, relationships, and social drift, set against a murder mystery in a human colony, far far away. I found the main characters to be decently well written and compelling as both characters and in a relationship, and the tension was neither excruciating nor overbearing, and the backstory hints interesting. Not sure how the next book would balance out compared to this one, especially with the social commentary aspect (which may not have been as deep or revealing as the author aspired to, but did sort of hang together), but I'd be willing to pick it up, because I find myself wanting to know about the characters.
review 2: One of my favorite novels this year. A deeply claustrophobic, oppressive, immersive reading experience that grabs y
... moreou by the scruff and doesn't let you go until you've made it, breathless, to the end. The author describes this book as "social fiction" and "a -topia between u- and dis-" and I think that's a great way to put it. Even though there were colony ships involved in these people's pasts, it's not really sci-fi; there's no high tech or aliens or space travel or any of that. It's more like Cuba meets the Netherlands, actually. Whatever you call it, it's FASCINATING. And enthralling. And also 25% off at Riptide, so seriously, u guise, I can't recommend this one highly enough. Grab it while it's cheap and discover a new author you'll want to stalk for the rest of your life :D less
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I can't get into this world. I'm confused and have lost interest. DNF'ing.
I loved it. Can't wait for second book.
a damn good story.
1* Emelie
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