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A Tree Of Bones (2012)

by Gemma Files(Favorite Author)
4.38 of 5 Votes: 2
1926851579 (ISBN13: 9781926851570)
ChiZine Publications
review 1: It has been so long since I read the first two books in the series I should have gone back and read them again. But I did not, I plunged right in and thought perhaps she would have written as a stand alone readable. But the first part of the book left me unknowing what was going on. Picked up everything later on. I really enjoyed the character Chess Parteger with his red hair and purple suits with the pistoleers. I even liked stodgy Ed Morrow and ended up liking English Oona. I would highly recommend this series if you like gods, hexation and don't mind a flaming gay bad ass. I am really going to go back and read all 3 again in a row this time.
review 2: The end of the trilogy, and rather difficult to review thoroughly without giving things away. So I'll kee
... morep this brief, I guess -- what a wonderful trilogy, blazingly imaginative and with characters you come to really care about. I'd say that all of the characters more or less wind up where they belong, and it's all pretty satisfyingly wrapped up. If you've read the other two entries, you quite obviously need to read this one, and if you haven't read them yet, what the hell are you waiting for? You can't really lose with a magic-riddled western steeped in Aztec, Indian and other spirituality, with a queer-positive theme running through it and Gemma's gorgeous writing to make it all flow nicely. If I were to pick nits I'd have to admit that the book could be a bit tighter -- at 447 pages it takes its sweet time. But I barely noticed. This is quality stuff -- get to it. less
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A fitting end to a wild ride.
Loved all three.
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