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A Dance With Dragons (2011)

by George R.R. Martin(Favorite Author)
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A Song of Ice and Fire
review 1: Where to begin? I barely remember (or think I remember) where this book starts. Jon or Cersei? At any rate, I wished there was more Arya - easily the most interesting narrative - and less of the Daenerys back story and more of her story. I mean do we need to hear from the Dornish prince, Selmy, Connington, etc. It was all well written, but a bit much. The Tyrion thread was great, as usual. I feel like he and Arya are the characters I most want to read about. In a sick way, I enjoyed Theon/Reek's comeback. Sick as it may sound, I kind of rooted for him because Bastard Bolton was such a nasty freak. Side note: I think that Jon being Lord Commander has stifled his character's development quite a bit. He's still compelling, but not to the extent he was when he was out on his o... morewn and with the Ygritte. At any rate, this is rich storytelling from a master storyteller. I feel satisfied now that I'm caught up in the series, but am happy to give myself a break from the massive commitment they require.
review 2: OverviewDancing with dragons By George R.R Martin is the 5th book in the series A Song Of Fire And Ice.There is also a tv show based on it called A Game Of Thrones. This book follows the story of Many groups of families such as the House Arryn, House Baratheon, House Frey, House Lannister, House Martell, House Stark, House Tully, and House Tyrell. All of these houses have been fighting to overthrow the Lannister family in hopes to gain the iron throne and rule the Kingdom. This book follows lots of characters and shows the story through those characters. Characters There are many characters that this series has followed. At times the story may get confusing due to the constant character change. The author George R.R Martin has done a very great Job with character development and its pretty obvious who a reader should like and will tolerate and who readers hope will die next. “Drowning was bad enough. But drowning sad and sober, that's too cruel.” George R.R Martin. This really shows the wittiness of Tyrion Lannister he in a way makes everything a big joke. But characters are not the only interesting thing about this book.ActionAnother big part of the book is action there's almost never a dull moment in the book the will have something happening whether if its a more adult content to a fight or death or even a war. for example in the book Tywin ends up killing his father. this is only one of the many things that has happened in the book. you will always find something that is happening.The Books requirementsFinally the book is a very acquired read not many readers will not like it because there are is a lot of explicit content many people may not fancy this read. My initial reaction however was very positive i would highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a lots of action and adventure. Finally I would recommend also reading the other 4 books due to the vast amount of content that you have missed. less
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He totally jumped the shark by this book. It rambled on and on - to a and end without ending.
It is a great epic story that has everyone on edge waiting to find out what happens next.
UGH now I have to wait for the next one!
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