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The Paris Directive (2012)

by Gerald Jay(Favorite Author)
3.39 of 5 Votes: 4
0385535481 (ISBN13: 9780385535489)
Nan A. Talese
review 1: This is a well written mystery with lots of plot twists and intriguing characters. The investigator, Paul Mazarelle, is a former Paris homicide investigator living in rural Taziac. He came there with his dying wife since it was her family home, but now that she is dead he is depressed and bored. So, when a murder investigation came along in his backyard, he is invigorated. Not just a local mystery, there is some international intrigue which makes it even better! Gerald Jay is a nom de plume, and I'm curious who the author behind it is since it it so well written.
review 2: The Paris Detective by Gerald Jay is totally gripping from word one to the very last. The author tells such a tight, well written story that I just couldn’t put it down. It’s the type of
... morebook you carry around with you in the event you might have a moment to read a few more sentences. It was a thrill ride that, like most which are worthwhile, ended all to soon and left me wanting more. There is such a lovely mix of suspense, crime thriller and mystery (the type where the readers knows who done it) that I feel certain it will please a large audience with different tastes. It’s a wonderful skill that makes a reader become as invested in the antagonist as they do in the protagonist. Another aspect I really liked was that some of Mazarelle was left for future reads, he is still a bit of mystery that I can get to know in future books- I hope for many more future books. less
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Unbelieveable plot and characters. Only finished it out of curiosity - waste of time
good mystery Novel set in Paris. worth the time to read.
I liked this book, but had a hard time sticking with it.
Page-turner. Solid Plot. Interesting characters
Intelligent but somewhat convoluted
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