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Pelham Fell Here (2008)

by Ed Lynskey(Favorite Author)
3.64 of 5 Votes: 3
ECL Press
The P.I. Frank Johnson Mystery Series
review 1: Gunsmith turned amateur private eye Frank Johnson is saddened and angered at the murder of his cousin Cody. As he is at the top of the local Sheriff's list of suspects he is doubly determined to find the guilty party. As he makes his way around the Virginia countryside and through castles, Neo-Nazi covens, etc. he adds a couple of part time bounty hunters as reinforcements. Good yarn.Ed is one of my Goodreads friends. If you haven't tried him I recommend that you do.
review 2: While I was reading this book, I was going to give it a nice, solid 3 stars, but the finish wraps it up so nicely (for me) that I ratcheted it up to a 4.In the beginning - well, even half way through - I did not really like the main character. But he grew, and while he stayed the sam
... moree character, he learned to go beyond the restrictions and handicaps placed upon him by circumstance. The writing style is deceptively simple, bordering on rough eloquence. less
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enjoyable with a quick-witted plot....I like Frank Johnson's petferret named Mr. Bojangles
This is my friend Ed Lynskey's book...let us take a peek into his good mind...
I need an extra half star. Can I call this redneck noir? Pretty cool.
Bonus points for the shout out to Paul Drake.
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