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Freedom Is Not Free (Rashard "Stone" Mysteries #1) (2000)

by Fred King Williams(Favorite Author)
3.89 of 5 Votes: 5
review 1: This book had it all from crime, embezzelment, politics power ad secrets.This story has it all, big crime in a little town with corruption that had been hidden for years until one day when it all comes down. When he comes home to his dads funeral he had no idea the secrets that his dad held. People are being killed to avoid explosion of the big secret. The more you dig for answers you are involved, not knowing who to trust.Nancy ZuffreaAAMBC Reviewer
review 2: Well, the story was semi-interesting, but not very original. Television shows have done and re-done the story of political corruption in a small town which is taken care of by a righteous cop. The writing was a little hard for me to follow. The characters all speak in Ebonics which, if you're not us
... moreed to it is a little difficult to follow. Additionally, characters didn't use many contractions when speaking. That may be grammatically correct but most people use the simple contractions in every day speaking. Without contractions the dialogue didn't seem very natural to me. The main character, Houston Police Detective Rashard Williams is a tough no-nonsense cop who isn't afraid to bend the rules to solve crimes. Again, this is very similar to what you find on most cop TV shows. But, it was a satisfying story that ended happily. less
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First time reader of this author and immediately purchased Bayou City Blues.
Good read. Not my usual genre, but fun still.
This is my first novel.
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