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A Most Wanted Man (2008)

by John le Carré(Favorite Author)
3.44 of 5 Votes: 5
1416594884 (ISBN13: 9781416594888)
review 1: This was an exasperating read. It was not as horrible as I imagined after reading the first sixty pages. Apparently LeCarre tried to draw the reader into the plot by telling very little at first and hoping the intertwining threads would prove compelling. I would have say it worked only partly. The main characters are cliches, the very hot idealistic young Western female lawyer who falls in love (sort of) with the naive, religously committed 'other', in this case a Russian speaking Chechen, the somewhat worse for wear Western banker beginning to see life from the angle of age and experience. This would be Mr. Tommy Bure, somewhat reminiscent of the protagonist in The Constant Gardener. It's all a mess as are the motivations of said characters and those of the shadowy Americ... morean and European spy agencies. Mr. LeCarre seems to have written the book in his sleep. None of the characters are in the least credible. The lady lawyer is drawn so lazily that she is no more than a shadow herself. Everyone tells us how attractive she is, everyone but LeCarre himself. He must have been as bored with her as I was.
review 2: لا أدري لماذا استمريت بقراءة هذه الرواية؟ رغم أني شعرت أنه كان من الممكن أن يقوم الكاتب بإنهائها عند الصفحة 192! ورغم أن روايات جون لا كاري (اسمه الحقيقي هو ديفيد كورنويل) تمتلئ بالتفاضيل بشكل متعب أحياناً للقارئ، إلا أن قدرة هذا العميل السابق للاستخبارات البريطانية على اقناع قراء رواياته بإكمال قراءة صفحات رواياته، لا تزال قوية وحيوية، كما كانت في الستينات والسبعينات، عندما أسس لا كاري نفسه بوصفه الكاتب الأهم في مجال "الرواية الجاسوسية" (وهو وصف لا أحبه لأنه يقلل من قيمة وموهبة لا كاري).الرواية تتناول مواضيع مهمة ومن بينها الصدام بين الغرب والإسلام، ولكن بطريقة تستحق أن يطلع عليها الكتاب العرب الذين كتبوا كثيراً عن هذا الموضوع، ولكن بنجاح محدود. less
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This book took me forever to slog through. Not my type of novel.
Ending was not as impactful as I had hoped it would be
One of John Le Carre's best.
Sad but engrossing
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