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Artifact (2012)

by Gigi Pandian(Favorite Author)
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Gargoyle Girl Productions
Jaya Jones Treasure Hunt Mystery
review 1: Jaya Jones is the focus of this adventure. She is half American, half Indian, not quite five feet tall, and a young college history professor in San Francisco. This is the first of a series. The book blurb likens her to a female Indiana Jones. I’m not so sure that that’s valid, but I did like her. The story follows from Jones’ receiving shocking news about the demise of an old boyfriend, and a package from him containing rare jewelry on the same day she gets the news. Jones connects with a young man at UC Berkeley through a mutual friend, in search of information about the piece she has received. The locales in San Francisco and Berkeley are familiar to me and ring true, so I presume that’s also true for the settings in England and Scotland. A great deal of... more history, particularly including India and its relationship to Great Britain, and Scottish lore come to play here, along with insights on rare jewelry and art. The other characters, the man from Berkeley, archaeologists in Scotland, the landlord and best friend in San Francisco, all work. Whodunit to the ex-boyfriend and the significance of the jewel become Jones’ and the readers’ focus. It’s nicely resolved with more than one surprising twist. I see book two of the series is out and have already purchased it.
review 2: Really good adventure mystery set mostly in Scotland after starting in San Francisco. The main character is Jaya Jones, a history professor. Jaya receives a piece of jewelry from a former lover who is thought to be dead. Jaya of course must investigate. Another leading character is a reformed jewel thief turned grad student. Nice short chapters help to move the story along. Can't wait for the next book. less
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Very well written. Kept me guessing until the end.
strong female character. not perfect, but solid.
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This was OK. Bit convoluted.
Best first
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