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Free As A Bird (2010)

by Gina McMurchy-Barber(Favorite Author)
4.03 of 5 Votes: 3
1554884470 (ISBN13: 9781554884476)
review 1: Free as a Bird by Gina McMurchy Barber is about a girl named Ruby Jean who was born with a disability called Down syndrome. This disability wasn’t a good thing for Ruby because she got made fun of in many ways such as being called names by the people around her. I liked this book because even though Ruby has some sort of disability, she continues to live on. This book made me think about the real world and how people judge others by how they act or look. I also like how the title is a contradiction to Ruby’s life because Ruby’s life was pretty much tied down by the people around her but she still continues to live on and ignore other people’s saying about her.
review 2: This wasn't a bad book and other people are going to like it way more than me, but i
... moret's not my kind of book. Basically since having a child I've become a complete wuss and have serious trouble reading about/hearing about super sad things, like say a kid with down syndrome who is abused in the facility where her mom abandons her. I'm getting choked up just thinking of it. So that's why it's 2 stars and not more. It's just sad. less
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at first i had a difficult time getting passed the slang..
Absolutely broke my heart! Such a sad, sweet book!
A great book! A 2011 Snow Willow nominees.
So touching. I loved it.
Ages 9+
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