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Alexander Outland: Space Pirate (2012)

by G.J. Koch(Favorite Author)
3.63 of 5 Votes: 3
1597804231 (ISBN13: 9781597804233)
Night Shade Books
review 1: Loved it! Gini, why didn't you make me read this sooner? This was such a fun space romp that I wish it was the start of a series (*hint hint*). Nap reminds me a little bit of Mal from Firefly, but is unique enough that he stands out as a full character in his own right. That being said, I can't imagine a fan of the Firefly universe not enjoying this book. If you like scifi and you want something light and fast, read this immediately.
review 2: I picked this book up because it looked like a spook/parody of Firefly, a show I absolutely love. However, the book fell flat...hard. I couldn't finish this book. The writing was so-so, the characters were grating, the dialogue was terrible, and the plot was ok. Another Goodreads member stated this in their review of the
... morebook, and I have to agree with them, but the constant quips in what felt like every line got very tiring, very quickly. It's great to have a punch line and a joke at the right moment, but the continuous attempts to make it humorous fell short alot. less
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Witty and fun read! Good LOL moments. Towards the end the plot hijinx became convoluted and lengthy.
I picked it up because someone told me it was like Firefly in book form. It did not disappoint.
This book is painfully bad. I couldn't make it past page 40.
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