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Number One Sam (2014)

by Greg Pizzoli(Favorite Author)
3.8 of 5 Votes: 1
142317111X (ISBN13: 9781423171119)
review 1: Sam is number one by Greg Pizzoli, is a book about Sam being a race car driver. Sam is always number one in different things he does, his number one in speeds, turns and other things that have to do with racing. A day before the race Sam didn’t sleep. On race day five chicks decided to cross his way, making Sam loose the race for the second time. I really like the illustrations throughout the book, every image was very well detail and the facial expressions on each of the characters goes well with their personality. The theme of the story is no matter how many times you lose your friends will always support you. It’s better to be liked by doing good things for others than doing what’s not right. The book is an excellent read aloud for a class who may be struggling wi... moreth an issue like the one we saw in the book. It also works best for young readers, the vocabulary used throughout is very easy young readers will understand. Each page is filled with color of different shades some have more color than others. The text is placed in different places in the book and some illustrations are a page and a half while others are half a page. The author made some words bigger than others to represent the loud noises being used for example BOOM!I really enjoyed the polka dots the author used in the book, its a really great way for children to enjoy the book more. I love every detail in the book and would most definitely recommend everyone reading it. Overall, the whole has an easy to follow plot and will be a fun book for everyone to enjoy.
review 2: This is a new title by this year's winner of the Geisel award. It has a charming message that small kids need to learn: that winning is not the most important goal in the world. Being kind is more important. Sam likes to win races. But then he loses one and is very disappointed. What should he do in the next race when he sees some chickens crossing the road? The joke will be there if adults want to tell kids but I doubt at the preschooler through first grade level that kids will pick up on the joke by themselves. BTW, no answer is given to the joke, it is just there as an extra laugh if a reader should notice it. Please note the characters waiting to start the race for old friends if you've read watermelon seed! Neat aside: I got this title at ALA and met the author and got an autograph. He seems so pleasant and happy to be there. Expect this author to become a perennial if you want my prediction. less
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A very effective easy reader deals with the experience of losing and making good decisions.
Great story for all the little readers who want to be number one at everything!
Being number 1 doesn't always mean coming in first.
Cute story with a good lesson. Fun read aloud.
Juniper loved this one!
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