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The People In Between: A Cyprus Odyssey (2012)

by Gregory S. Lamb(Favorite Author)
4.03 of 5 Votes: 2
1461138744 (ISBN13: 9781461138747)
review 1: This is a well written story that highlights what happens when countries fight - especially to the 'people in between'. In the search for power, doctored by a myriad of misconceptions and misunderstandings, the tenacity of politics and the struggle for who is right, the 'ordinary' people are left behind to pick up the pieces and, to me, become extraordinary.The main characters in this book are believable and bring the reader into the very personal way in which 'war' affects every generation.I don't give spoilers, but I will say that some of my favourite parts of the story were the descriptions of Cyprus - its beauty and serenity and, of course, the friendliness of its people. Warm and welcoming, it is sad that those in search of power only succeed in tearing families apa... morert and destroying the very country in which they want for their own.This story has heart, however, and I enjoyed it, not least for its difference from and superiority over those on the supermarket shelves.
review 2: Most of us have heard of the “wee troubles” in Ireland, but few of us know anything about the troubling times that have persisted in Cyprus over the last 50 years. Having lived on the island and studied its history extensively, Mr. Lamb aims to give the reader an objective snapshot of this tragically divided country. He does so beautifully in this gratifying story with its big heart. A series of events turns a visit on Cyprus into a quest for the novel's protagonist, Nora, a young American who is discovering the truth about her deceased Cypriot mother. Nora's odyssey is made complete with a tender romance, a conflicted brother, and a father who is finally ready to share his story. In writing his first novel Mr. Lamb demonstrates an insider's knowledge of local foods, locations, and languages. The author has a keen ear for naturalistic dialogue, he peoples his pages with believable characters, and he brings his tale to a satisfying climax. For anyone who enjoys a romantic yarn wrapped in the context of recent European history, Mr. Lamb's book is a must-read. For those who think they may like to travel around Cyprus, bring this book!!! The various beaches, locales, archeological sites etc. are not fictitious: they await you with arms wide open! less
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An interesting plot but badly written in terms of both grammar and the linking of ideas.
i enjoyed this book very much from beginning to ending...i couldn't put the book down
Very well written.
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