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Monsters! And Other Stories (2014)

by Gustavo Duarte(Favorite Author)
3.99 of 5 Votes: 2
161655309X (ISBN13: 9781616553098)
Dark Horse Books
review 1: Dark, surreal, and elegant this 152-page collection stokes only one complaint: It's too short! There are only three stories and all are told in pantomime. So the reading really flies by. Still the pieces ripple with Duarte's distinctive style. I could pout over the fact that these tails are told at a remove. We don't get to know his characters very well (except perhaps the amazingly canny codger in the finale), but that's not the point. Duarte's work is fun and entertaining. The fact that I want more--much more--is a credit to his talent.
review 2: Really fantastic artwork. The three stories in here have no dialogue, only pantomime. The stories weren't as heartfelt or nuanced as Shaun Tan's "The Arrival," also a story told only in images, but I was one over by
... morethe playfulness of Duarte's drawing. The stories themselves are nice, but also too easily forgettable. The title story was my favorite. The first story in the book is entertaining, but not as easy to follow as the other two. less
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Wordless comic stories by Brazilian cartoonist Gustavo Duarte. Enjoyable.
This is a beautiful, silent graphic novel that blew me away
Oh my the art in this is just amazing.
Another great book shared with Laura!
A little gruesome. But wordless!
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