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Chroniques De Jérusalem (2008)

by Guy Delisle(Favorite Author)
4.14 of 5 Votes: 1
2756025690 (ISBN13: 9782756025698)
Éditions Delcourt
review 1: I wish I was awesome and read this in French, but I just read the English translation, which I can't find on goodreads. Great graphic memoir about the author's year in Jerusalem. It offers a kind of outsider's primer on the Israel-Palestine conflict, and I liked that it was a non-American's perspective, since I think US politics inevitably colors our own ideas about the conflict. Beautifully drawn.
review 2: Guy Delisle writes a very expressive and approachable account of his time in Jerusalem. He's dealing with an incredibly touchy subject, and he does it well in perhaps the best medium available. The pictures, done in shades of brown, black, and white, speak volumes. Despite the daily indignities and downright atrocities he sees perpetuated upon the Palestini
... moreans, he does not drown out the story with his opinions. It's a horrid subject broached in a casual, almost mundane way. There are no graphic depictions of violence (the war takes place inside of a wall that Guy never breaches), but the story is very powerful.Despite Guy's light touch, it is very evident that Israel is f'ed up. I had no idea how terribly the Israelis treat the Palestinians, which we as Americans share blame for. less
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I really love Delisle's graphic novels. This has been my favourite so far!
Pretty ok, a bit bland
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