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The Baroness: The Search For Nica, The Rebellious Rothschild (2013)

by Hannah Rothschild(Favorite Author)
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review 1: I really had hoped this biography was going to be better. It had all the makings to be incredibly interesting, with Nica Rothschild at the forefront of Jazz, and all the amazing people she knew. Sadly, I think much is glossed over in the history. I don't know if this is a personal choice by the author, Hannah (who knew Nica as a great aunt), or if there really wasn't any info out there. I think I will continue looking for more info on Thelonius Monk for one, and hopefully get a better idea of their relationship/influence on one another.
review 2: This was a book group selection and a title and a woman completely unknown to me. Like many young girls I thought it would be glamerous to live a life of luxury in a palatial home - preferably in Britain - where I fa
... morenatasized about being on a first name basis with the royal family. In fact, that was Nica, Kathleen Annie Pannonica Rothschild's, childhood except it was a lonely bereft existance. We learn her backstory and the story of the rags to riches Rothschild family as she grows into a young woman clearly looking to define herself. The pre World War II years and her dangerous exit from France as the Nazis came ever closer to her home were scary and informative reading. As a secular Jewish wife, she and her children were clearly in harm's way in their huge country estate.But Nica's life began when she met and befriended Thelonius Monk, a jazz pianist, while on a trip to New York City. Her great niece has done an incredible job of researching both the music history and the life Nica lives amongst this group of black artists living in a still very segregated world.Reading this biography was almost like taking a class in the sociology of music. less
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Excellent book about an amazing person who lived through the 20th century like no other!
Well-documented and researched vignette if the .001% and the be-bop era in New York.
I liked the historical perspective
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pretty wild
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