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Khuda Aur Mohabbat (2000)

by Hashim Nadeem(Favorite Author)
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review 1: What can i say..I first encountered the story of this book when i was checking out for the first time a Pakistani drama series with the same name. I was quite astonished by the story, but couldn't get hold of the end of it because to my bad luck, the series was only partially translated. I couldn't watch it till the end. I then decided to read the novel, and here i am..I can't remember i have ever felt this way reading a novel before. I'm not much of a novel person, and yet i enjoyed this novel more than any book i ever read. Not to mention that i read the English version which sure doesn't hold as much originality as the Urdu one..and yet I was totally dumbfounded by it. It is certainly a journey worthy of experience.
review 2: Some days ago I had some free ti
... moreme and as had nothing to do, I started reading this book named " Khuda Aur Muhabat" by Hashim Nadeem just for a time pass thing. As I have known the writer Hashim Nadeem for his beautiful book " Bachpan ka December" I thought, OK I will not get bored of this book..So the story began and I was stuck...!! According to the story written, at a time you are going through two phases of a character's life named Hammad. It is so beautifully and intelligently told that you find this book glued with your hands. Some of the very strange thoughts about religion,love and even the Jews History that were always circulating inside me and bugging my mind were all spread like beads and as I was turning page I was getting more and more convinced , Yes this book is definitely written for me. I loved it. Some of the philosophy is so thought provoking. I don't think so a romance so intense,sincere and tragic has been told before this book. There isn't any complication of characters or story. The writer just writes it away simply without making any struggle to prove himself or to make the book a splendid piece of literature,that is the beauty of this book and it definitely has proven to be among the best stories ever written on the sensitive and controversial topic of religion-VS-Love-thing.I really liked the writers philosophy and the way he got successful in making all us readers think about several issues that really need our attention.So I put down the book when I finished and obviously I was thinking with tears in my eyes. I have never thought of reading the same book again but this book is an exception so I am reading it again and all Urdu Book readers, who haven't read this book yet!! " Hey this book deserves to be the next in your hands.A must read" Long Live Nadeem Hashim! less
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Nice approach..... even nicer angle towards reality which hardly any one bothers to pursue!
its a very good & nice book if no one study it plzzzzzzz study it
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