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Wife-in-Law (2000)

by Haywood Smith(Favorite Author)
3.48 of 5 Votes: 1
review 1: I enjoyed the storyline right up until the end. I liked the characterizations and the details of everyday life for two women who are very different and yet best friends.Sadly the whole premise of the story - one woman marrying the ex of the other - isn't really described in action. It happened without the two women ever discussing it. And they discuss everything throughout the rest of the book.SPOILERI also had a problem with the reasoning behind Betsy being the one to tell Kat the lousy ex is cheating - again. She claims it is because Kat shouldn't hear it from someone else. But the women haven't been friends for 3 years. Let the other busybodies tell her. Or tell her children and let them tell her. Going over and doing it herself was a recipe for disaster and tota... morelly unbelievable to me.
review 2: I found this book to be very uneven. The idea of two good friends who become estranged when one marries the other's ex seems like it could have potential, but I didn't feel this story was executed very well. Haywood spent a lot of time on their past friendship, rushed through their falling out, and tacked on two (2!) sudden deaths, for good measure. I like the idea of a strong friendship between women that weathers life's ups and downs, but this one didn't convince me. less
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I always enjoy her books - sometimes a little on the silly side but fun none the less.
A fun read telling of good friends who together can conquer life's challenges.
This was a fun read from one of my favorite authors.
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