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His Saving Grace (2013)

by Heather Gray(Favorite Author)
3.25 of 5 Votes: 1
Astraea Press
Regency Refuge
review 1: Grace and Thomas had been best friends since they were young. He was someone she could always turn to. So when she asked her father if she could have a Season and he said some very hurtful things, it was Thomas who gave her comfort. But when Lady Appleton found them in an embrace there was nothing to do but get married of ruin her reputation. But could she make him understand that it was a complete accident and she hadn't contrived to trap him into marriage or would he forever believe her capable of such an act?Thomas had always loved Grace's spirit and outspokenness. Ever since childhood he had enjoyed spending time with her. Having inherited his father's estate and title as duke at a young age, women were constantly trying to trap him into marriage. When he was discovere... mored comforting Grace and forced into marriage he assumed she had tricked him like so many others had tried and he was furious with her. But on their way to his castle in Northumberland, Thomas' conscience began plaguing him and he knew he had been treating Grace unfairly. Was his conscience also trying to tell him he loved her? Could they have a marriage in more than name only?This was a short novella at only 113 pages but a very delightful story. I loved Grace's sharp wit and unconventional ways but I truly wanted to shake Thomas in the beginning. I warmed up to him quickly, though. Thomas' valet and friend, Rupert, was a delight especially once he loosened up. The story was believable and the characters were endearing. The attention to detail was was great also. Bottom line, I thoroughly enjoyed this book and if you love novellas set in England you will love it. Definitely recommended.Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy of this book from Astraea Press for my honest review. The opinions stated are mine and mine alone and I received no monetary compensation.
review 2: After reading Heather Gray's novella, Ten Million Reasons (click here to read my review), I had high hopes for this regency romance. The story was predictable and the scene of restoration somewhat anticlimactic. However, the leading lady was sweet and innocent, but with a strong heart (and will) and a drive for serving the Lord by serving those around her, where she was and despite her circumstances. My favorite character, though was the butler, Rupert. Once you read it, you'll understand why. This is a quick, light read, with some laugh-out-loud bits. less
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Too short and sweet. The set up is different. Not enough time to develop much depth. But, clean.
Started out really good but kind of fell apart at the end. A short novella but it was just okay.
I really enjoyed this book...on to book 2 of the series
Boring. So very boring.
too much Jesus!
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