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Standing Rock Rising January 1  2017 at 5:35pm · PRINTS NOW AVAILABLE: PLEASE SHARE IF POSSIBLE. If you are having trouble purchasing, please try google chrome on a laptop or desktop if possible. When I first came to Standing Rock, I came to stand in solidarity with our nations Indigenous Water Protectors, and help document what was taking place in North Dakota. Although I was fairly established as a photographer in Atlanta, I wasn’t much of a photo journalist. I recognized mainstream media was not covering the events taking place here properly. I gave up my home, quit my jobs, and packed my bags. My initial plan was to spend 2 months here, and document what I witness to help spread awareness to my friends back home. I was planning to return home in December and begin looking for a new job in Atlanta. I could not imagine what would happen next. Over the last 3 months at Standing Rock, I have been able to work side by side with camp media outlets and camp leaders. I had a photo go viral, named one of the most iconic photos of 2016, and this page, Standing Rock Rising which was originally an outlet to help my friends gain knowledge of what was taking place has amassed a quarter million followers. I am beyond grateful, and humbled to be able to help defend Indigenous Rights, and Mother Earth. What happened went farther than my wildest dreams. I still shake typing this. I want to pass this page over to those who deserve it. Since this page has taken off, my goals have shifted. Now in a position to help on a larger level, I have shifted my focus to make this possible. Today I am releasing limited prints of some of my favorite photos. 1851 of each print to be exact. The goal of selling these prints is not gain personal recognition. That was never the goal. The funds raised through these prints will be used for a variety of things, all indigenous based. -Proceeds after taxes will used to help make this page a more national hub for Indigenous voices. Funds will be used to purchase a vehicle. Once that is possible, the goal is to travel across the nation from resistance to resistance. I will be meeting with local tribes, along with some Indigenous friends I have made here at Standing Rock. We will help establish an on the ground media journalist at each issue. We will train if needed, and supply them with the equipment needed to document, and have an Indigenous voice update what is taking place. Each resistance will have an Indigenous editor which will be able to upload directly to Standing Rock Rising. The goal is to use this platform to help spread news directly from those on the ground, and not through second hand new sources. To help provide a platform for the Indigenous voice. With 250,000 followers, the platform is already established. I plan to take more of a step back from this page, and let it be lead by the natives. I will still update, and document as well. -Other proceeds will be donated directly to financial needs at the Standing Rock camps (Oceti Sakowin, Rosebud, and Sacred Stone). First and foremost, Red Fawn. Red Fawn still remains in jail for a crime she did not commit, and a portion of each sale will be donated directly to her $110,000 bail. Once she is free, funds will be used for her ongoing legal battle which is sure to come. FREE RED FAWN! Now I can’t give exact what % will go towards which issue, as there are so many variables to consider. What I can tell you, is that I intend to be on the road for the next 2 years minimum, working my hardest to do whatever I can to help. None of this money will be going towards a house payment, rent, or anything along those lines. It will be used for proper equipment, travels, and paying people that will need to be paid for services (lawyers, accountants, etc), and helping fund Indigenous issues across Turtle Island. I’m committed to help try to right the wrongs that have occurred across this country due to European invasion. I hope you will rise with us, and consider purchasing a print for your home. It would be an honor to share this historic time with you. Please try to check out via a computer, and not a cell phone if possible. To be completely clear, as stated before; Although my family history does contain Cherokee, I am a white man. I do not want to mislead anyone by any means. -Redhawk (Please note; Standing Rock Rising does not reflect the opinions or voices of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, any of the camps (Sacred Stone, Rosebud, Oceti Sakowin), and I do not speak for anyone but myself. -Redhawk
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  • AMODERNGHOST Ryan Vizzions art of life. photojournalism; landscape; cityscape; shop; about; contact; photojournalism; landscape; … the photographic works of Ryan Vizzions
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