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Playing For Keeps/Body Check (2012)

by Heather Peters(Favorite Author)
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Rules of the Game
review 1: DNF on both stories after one chapter each. I had hoped for cute sports romance stories, but the clunky phrasing and the multiple grammar and punctuation errors dashed my hopes quickly. Please get an editor or at the very least, use a spell and grammar check program prior to putting your product out there! No matter how good the story is (and these weren't great), I can't get into it when I'm so distracted by unnecessary errors.
review 2: I love a second chances romance specially if it started in high school, it is my favorite flavor of delicious romance. Playing for Keeps stars Nick Dante, baseball pitcher in California (does it matter what team? I don't know many of them and none on the west coast!) His first love is also his childhood love, Jenna Valentine w
... moreho is an Italian-American. The two of them grew up in Brooklyn, New York city and by chance Nick (Nico to Jenna) sees a cooking show on TV with Jenna talking about her new cafe/restaurant in Brooklyn.There are a lot of secrets and Jenna keeps one from Nico and I was disappointed that she made such a big deal to the point to putting her self in a psych hospital when she really should have shared what happened with Nico and work on making a new life together. She really underestimated his love and desire to care for her, but I get that when it comes to pregnancy females drive right past logic city and go straight to crazy town (ask my baby-daddy and he has lots of personal examples from our life).Second story is Body Check, this is about Ice Hockey (Awesome sport!). Mia Sinclair is the daughter to the General Manager so generally that means hands off to any of the players of New York's hockey team. Quinn Rafferty is a great guy. I almost didn't want to believe that men like that really exist except that I'm friends with some so I know better (and no, they are not single because some smart ladies grabbed them quick!). This is about Mia learning to love and let go of her bad memories from her last abusive boyfriend. I liked that Quinn was patient with her.160ish pages and kindle freebie2 stars for solid sports related contemporary romance. less
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This was my 1st Heather Peters book and it won't be my last! LOVED both stories:)
Cute read wish they were longer but still enjoyed them both
Great, quick read. two short novellas in one!
Amazon Freebie 01/12/2013
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