Death Angel Planning To Do Less Touring In 2018 To Focus On Writing And Recording A New Album

Rob Cavestany was recently interviewed by FaceCulture and offered a some insight into Death Angel’s new album plans. According to him, the band will be touring less next year, so they can focus on writing and recording the effort.

Cavestany said the following when asked if the band were thinking about any ideas for their next album:

“Definitely. I have my ideas, my notes, my riff tapes and some demoed little bits here and there, but all of that is just scattered bits — there’s nothing [concrete] yet. The real writing is gonna happen when we get into next year. We’ll get home, we have these couple of shows in San Francisco right when we get home — we do these Christmas shows every year in our hometown — and then I’ll have to at least take the holidays off to go just clear it all out, clear the slate, clear out your heart and everything. And at that point, I’ll be in a different headspace at that time, and I’m very excited to then get into the studio and just really get in and just let it happen.”

He also added:

“I also know that we’re not gonna tour too much next year, because we are gonna write and record our album next year. That’s the other part that makes me nervous, because we tour a lot and we’re always open to touring and we’re crazy — we never say no. So all of a sudden, it’s, like, ‘Yeah, I thought we were gonna be writing at that time.’ Like, ‘Well, we’re gonna go on this seven-week tour, but just write on the bus and write in the dressing room, and keep writing,’ and that’s fucking hard. So now I know that we’re really gonna focus on working on our record. We’re gonna do some touring, but not too much, where there’s actual months at home where I can be in a more comfortable environment working on it, focusing on it. So that’s making me more excited about writing too. ‘Cause the last couple of albums, we wrote a lot of it on the road, which was cool, and the emotion and the experience of that is in those albums, but I need a different experience for creativity — I don’t wanna keep doing it the same way; it’s gonna get stale for that. So now I think we can get deeper into the musicality and stuff instead of just purely just getting pissed off and feeling anguish and frustration and wanting to go home or take a rest. It works to a certain extent, but I need a variety of a vibe to keep interested.”

[via Blabbermouth]

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