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Truly, Madly (2010)

by Heather Webber(Favorite Author)
3.91 of 5 Votes: 4
0312946139 (ISBN13: 9780312946135)
St. Martin's Press
Lucy Valentine
review 1: awalnya kukira ini cerita romance, setengah baca ternyata cozy mystery, menjelang akhir malah lebih berasa chicklit dengan sedikit 'paranormal activity'. kisah misterinya terlalu ringan dan pemecahannya semua cenderung gara2 kelebihan yg dimiliki lucy. dibandingkan ini, aku lebih suka seri size 12 yg sedikit mirip karakter2nya.terjemahannya jg kadang literal sekali, kyk gini: 'siapa cowok panas itu?' (h 305) *bakso kaleee panas* :p
review 2: I finally found a murder/mystery with a splash of supernatural (aka a psychic-like power) that I enjoyed fully. It's about damn time. This book does have its faults, though. I mean, I'm not sure if there are any books that don't. Regardless, the ones I've found are minor at best, so they shouldn't deter you too much. First
... moreoff, pay attention, because there are a TON of characters in this thing. There was more than one occasion when I had to go back and figure out who was who. It's not too chaotic, but it can get confusing sometimes when you haven't seen the name in a while.The second issue is the writing. It's not bad, but its not fantastic. Meaning: If you're looking for super descriptive sentences with complexity, you're in the wrong place. For the most part, it wasn't bad. There were just some times where Webber could have combined sentences to make the point more concise. Like "The curtains were blue" and "The carpet was red". Just push those together and we're good to go. I was so hooked in the story, though, that it was just a minor issue. Overall, I enjoyed this book the most out of the three I've read this week. It's not a literary masterpiece, but it's a damn good mystery/romance novel. less
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Truly, Madly is a feel good mystery/romance with genuine flawed but likeable characters.
Very very entertaining. And can’t make me bored to read. Recommended.
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