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Barbie Girl (2012)

by Heidi Acosta(Favorite Author)
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Smashwords Edition
Baby Doll
review 1: Great story about how you shouldn't judge a person on how they look. Barbie is struggling, her homelife is less that ideal with her younger brother having learning difficulties and her mother being out all the time and on drugs. Then she meets Dylan. He sees her problems and falls for her but when Barbies boyfriend beats her dylans mother lets her stay stopping them from being together. With the love of her brother and not wanting him to be uprooted again, she agrees to these rules breaking her heart even more in the process. This book is great and I found it unputdownable.
review 2: Freaking fantastic! That's what I thought as I turned every page of this book. The characters were so alive and the storyline was sweet yet dark at the right places. I loved Barbie
... more. What a strong young woman she turned out to be. And, yes, Dylan acted like a total idiot sometimes, but he was still pretty endearing. Third was brilliant as a secondary character, probably one of the best sidekicks I've read about in a long time. I loved this book so much! Book two has been bought and will be eargerly devoured shortly. less
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it was a very enjoyable book im intrigued to see how this series ends
it not wot expected the cover gives nothing away but I enjoyed it
super strange. but not awful.
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