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Mourn The Living (2010)

by Henry Pérez(Favorite Author)
3.45 of 5 Votes: 3
0786020334 (ISBN13: 9780786020331)
review 1: Mourn the readers of this exercise in banality. Is it a reflection of society when simple, uninspiring literature like this gets published? I regret that I couldn't rate it lower than 1. A monkey with a pencil in its teeth could write a more appealing piece. Plot, structure, and characters are all simple amalgams that Perez cut and pasted from other contemporary works. I had to frequently refer to the cover to verify which book I was reading because this tripe by Perez is so common in contemporary fiction. Do contemporary authors share a common brain? Avoid this book, even if you have a chance to read it without charge.
review 2: A pretty engrossing thriller with a very human hero and all in all, I really enjoyed this read. The dialogue was smart, the p
... morerotagonist's personality was well-drawn, and although I liked him, I could easily see why so many of his associates did not. I was absolutely sure that I knew who the bad guy would be--but I was wrong! The story never dragged without some new twist or turn popping up to snap the reader to attention. I would definitely like to read other books by this author. less
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This was a gnarly, action-packed read. Very cool.
Pretty fast and adventurous read.
Loved it!
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