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Orb Sceptre Throne (2012)

by Ian C. Esslemont(Favorite Author)
4.37 of 5 Votes: 3
059306450X (ISBN13: 9780593064504)
Bantam Press
Malazan Empire
review 1: Some Internet Random once told me that Darujhistan was one of the most vivid settings he'd ever encountered in fantasy. At the time I didn't agree, but after tearing through the ten Erikson Malazan books Orb, Sceptre, Throne was a refreshing return to the blue-lit City of Dreams.Esslemont handles the familiar names quite well, and seems to have a knack for writing likable characters with emotionally satisfying arcs. Characters as a whole were, I think, the book's greatest strength. There were some (lots, even!) genuinely funny laugh-out-loud moments, and a few legitimately touching scenes.In classic Malazan form this book also offers a carefully rationed dose of info about some of the lingering mysteries in the history/cosmology. Very satisfying. Overall I was quite i... morempressed. [But definitely read up to Reaper's Gale first, though.]
review 2: A good book and a classic Malazan tale.The book had an extremely slow start and for a while there I wondered where the hell everything was going. And one storyline in particular didn't seem to have a satisfying ending, the whole thing with Antsy at the Spawns could pretty much've been cut. It served to show us the Seguleh finding the Unmarred mask, but besides that...Otherwise though all was good, it was nice to see that ICE can handle Kruppe just as well as Erikson. I loved that we've learned more about the old war between the Seguleh and the Moranth. It was also nice to see a Malazan Empire with Mallick at the helm. And honestly, Dassem Ultor, for a character that's never been at the forefront of the novels always seem to pick up the biggest roles. From the First Sword of the Malazan Empire to the First of the Seguleh.Anyway, loved the novel and can't wait to read the next. less
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More Malazan fun. Though keep changing things in the world background which I find annoying.
awesome. the seguluh needed more filling out
So awesome, Esslemont is a Boss
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