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Secret Thoughts (2000)

by Ian Dalton(Favorite Author)
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Victoria Wilde
review 1: This book picks up immediately after Inappropriate Thoughts. Jillian has left Brian's proposal unanswered but quickly we have a resolution.This book covers a lot of ground. We are introduced to Brian's horrible, bible thumping parents and his younger brother Jim. Soon Victoria is back in the picture and just as entertaining as before. Also making an appearance is Jillian's son Rob.These books are great. There is a plot, but really, there's a lot of sex. Mostly sex. Hot, uninhibited sex. A definite page turner for sure. The character developments are engaging though so I'm hooked to see what happens next. Slight cliff hanger but there's no wait to jump to the next book. Yep, I'm jumping right into Revealing Thoughts right now to continue this journey with this horn... morey bunch of characters.
review 2: The next installment of The Victoria Wilde series, Secret Thoughts finds Brian Nash excited and relieved that Jillian Grayson has excepted his wedding proposal but is soon worried she might just back out after meeting his somewhat crazy parents that are more that just a little skeptical about this woman who they are sure is corrupting their son. Luckily, she also gets to meet Jim, Brians younger brother that she quickly embraces as family and brings him home with them to enjoy the kind of privacy every young man needs. Victoria is trying her hand at dating a man that needs her guidance in the bedroom but soon turns her attention to spending some carefree time with Jim who shares an instant attraction to her as well. Dismissing the idea they could have more than great sex in common, they go their separate ways when Jim returns to college. But neither one of them can completely erase the connection that grows between them when they both have to move on.The characters that Ian Dalton has created are fun, sexy and highly entertaining. Following this continuing story becomes addicting with twists you don't expect and great sex that's intense and imaginative. I am now committed to reading the rest of this series and if you're looking for a hot and humorous read, I recommend Secret Thoughts. less
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...freebie on Amazon with high ratings on GR and Amazon...
Another fun, mindless read.
Funny Lol.
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