The Tale of Halcyon Crane

This book would make a great horror film.  Wendy Webb has enough paranormal activities and creepy children in this book to scare anyone.  I really liked it though.  I finished in no time.

Hallie James is living her life in the Pacific Northwest when she receives an envelope in the mail from someone she’s never met.  The first part of the letter says that a woman named Madlyn Crane has passed, and to contact her lawyer.  The other part is from Madlyn herself, claiming to be Hallie’s mom.  Hallie had always thought her mom died when she was five, and Madlyn had thought the same about her daughter and husband.

Soon after receiving the letter from her long-lost mom, Hallie’s dad also passes.  With nothing left to lose, Hallie decides to return to her mother’s house and the island of her birth.  Her mother’s lawyer has one request for her: not to mention who she is or what her business on the island is until she speaks to him.

Upon her arrival, Hallie is faced with some hostility, and a horrible truth: the islanders believed that she and her father were dead.  They disappeared soon after her dad was involved in a police investigation, in which he was the main suspect in the murder of a six-year-old girl.  Hallie also learns that her name is not Hallie James, but Halcyon Crane, daughter of Noah Crane and famous photographer Madlyn Crane.

As Hallie spends more time on the island, she learns about her past, and some of it is sinister.  Many accidents have happened in her house– the house built by her ancestors and believed to be haunted by the ghosts of her great-grandmother’s dead triplets.  The accidents continue, and it is up to Hallie to figure out what happened, and how that little girl died all those years ago.

If I could change anything, it would be a little more drama in the conclusion.  Then this would really be a great horror film.  The ending answers all of the questions readers may have, but it needs a little more.

Overall though, this was quite a read.

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