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Melody In Lingerie (2000)

by Imogen Linn(Favorite Author)
3.06 of 5 Votes: 5
review 1: id give this no stars if possible. this read more like a porno script than erotica. i can buy getting turned on modeling lingerie for someone. i find it more difficult to understand having sex with a total stranger who just happens to be a part of some weird sex ring. but getting turned on by being called a slut and whore...and calling ypurself that? come on like women dont have enough issues with men they dont need any more help treating us like crap thanks. the whole story left me feeling pretty disgusted...and wondering what kind of woman could have written this crap. bdsm my eye this is...i dont even know what it is...
review 2: It's so funny how you can tell who reads erotica on a regular basis and who doesn't based on what they say in their review. It was
... more a good short. Hot and to the point. I'd never read this author, so I'm glad for shorts like these so I know if I should spend money on future ebooks. And believe me,I've read a lot worse. It seems like Imogen can actually write, so that's a plus. Bdsm isn't really my thing, so I think I'll try one of the Carolyn ones... less
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This book is ok the sir part was kinda not realy should be apart of the book
I wish it was longer but other than that it was okay
A really nice Short. Definately worth reading
Hot and Steamy. A quick warm up book :)
Short, really hot BDSM story
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