Memento Mori

I developed another roll from the mountain of exposed films today.

This roll was shot sometime in the summer as I remember the cemetery being blistering hot. It was also very recently after the terrorist attack at London Bridge.  I met up with a fellow photographer via social media and we decided that Kensal Green Cemetery would be an ideal place for a shoot. Personally I love the London Cemeteries (except Abney Park) as they are the most peaceful oasis away from all the hustle of everyday life.

What could be more of a charming to place to go for a wander than an overgrown wild park with an abundance of wildlife and a sprawl of beautiful Victorian Gothic architecture? Oh and they are full of angels too, however they are subjected to a lifetime sentence of forlornly watching over their deceased loved ones. The wildness of nature slowly but steadily engulfing these guardians – moss covered, eroding and becoming one with their surroundings.

The second part of the film is concerned with tributes for the deceased of a spree of total chaotic madness on what should have been an ordinary evening around London Bridge. I live and work not far from London Bridge and this night sent shock waves downs my spine. The terrorists did not scare me. From the reports I have read the so called terrorists were an ill prepared group that seemed more terrified than those they were trying to attack.  Yes, it was a horrendous attack, and I do not intend to trivialise the simply disgusting acts those few terrorists did nor the devastating and lasting effects this incident will have for many people

This film sends a poignant message, simply, to remember that you have to die.

From the long time decayed corpses in Victorian crypts to a sudden current emergency incident, death is waiting for every one of us. It’s the one thing we can all be certain off. Keep this in mind, we only have a short time on this planet and its down to us to leave whatever impression we choose.

But most importantly – life is precious, be kind to one another and enjoy yours to the max