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The Tygrine Cat (2008)

by Inbali Iserles(Favorite Author)
3.99 of 5 Votes: 2
076363798X (ISBN13: 9780763637989)
Candlewick Press
The Tygrine Cat
review 1: I always love a book with historical references; especially the historical fictions. But this book, combined that with a hint of "Warriors," just kept me reading into the early morning hours! Sure, the fantasy gets somewhat hardcore with magic and cats trying to take over the world, but if you read it for what it is worth, you, too, will enjoy it. So, our main character, Mati, is sent off to London to fend for his own, not sure how he got there. Soon after, he joins a group, the Cressida Cats, and lives among them and tries to figure out his meaning in life. Soon, he discovers that he has abilities no other cat seems to have, the primary one being extremely sharp senses, but doesn't take a huge notice to it. That was Mati's mistake. Turns out, a greater power is out for hi... morem, with a thirst only quenchable with his blood. Mati has to figure out why, or else the feline community of the world as he knew it would be forever altered for the worse. He needs to figure out his bloodline, his abilities, and how to stop that force, to succeed.Leaving out a lot of magic, that's the best summary I could think of. If you like a more of a fantastical historical fiction, give this book a serious consideration. To the "Warriors" readers, you won't feel lost reading this one. And to just everyone in general who seeks a good fantasy, you will not be disappointed by this book, I promise.
review 2: I picked this up at Washyarg for my niece, and I think she will love it. Young and orphaned, Mati the “catling” finds himself lost and alone in a bustling market place. Befriended by some other cats, he is soon adopted by a clan of feral cats. As Mati remembers more about his mother and his previous life, it becomes apparent that he is being pursued by something evil. Mati must draw on his mythical powers to fight the force of evil that threatens his new life and friends. Part mythology and part magic, this book will greatly appeal to fans of both the Warriors and Harry Potter series. less
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Emma (10) thought this is suspenseful and lots of interesting clues
A lovely little book, and now currently reading the sequel :)
It was good but I stoped reading it.
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