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The Complete Cosmicomics (Penguin Modern Classics) (2009)

by Italo Calvino(Favorite Author)
4.27 of 5 Votes: 5
1846141656 (ISBN13: 9781846141652)
Penguin Books, Ltd
review 1: I took my sweet long time to complete this book and boy o boy, what an amazing read this book was. This was not just a collection to be read quickly but to be savored and thought about. Alternately, I did read Primo Levi's work (Periodic Table) before I started this, and now when I complete both the books, it's a bit baffling to me. He has reached a new height which was mysteriously missing in Levi's work.It is difficult to imagine a world where one can take a ladder from the earth to the moon just to collect cheese. Hahaha! I mean in which universe? Of course, in this big universe of Calvino with more than 10000 years of history behind it. There are variety of ideas, images, and concepts which can easily boggles one's mind. Just like "If on a winter's night a traveler", t... morehere is more at work than just imagination. A stunning work of character, imagery, and symbol. The stories, at times deceptive in their simplicity, run so deep with meaning as to be effectively bottomless. This book was a literary treat.This is something to read and to keep and to read again. It’s a rare and unique view into Calvino’s head and to all the possibilities the universe sets forth.
review 2: la vita, l'universo e tutto quanto. dieci, quindici anni prima di adams, un viaggio nello spazio e nel tempo, nelle cellule e nella logica. letto lentamente perché non è sempre facile, anzi quasi mai. a meno di non abbandonarsi al fluire vorticoso dei buchi neri e lungo le spirali del dna.mi sono innamorato di una cellula, ho provato la vertigine amletica del big bang, ho provato inutilmente, per l'ennesima volta, a capire la teoria della relatività. e ne è valsa la pena. less
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Great collection of short stories by Calvino "the wizard"
A laborious read; occasionally delightful.
The characters were too human.
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