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King Of Heists: The Sensational Bank Robbery Of 1878 That Shocked America (2009)

by J. North Conway(Favorite Author)
3.16 of 5 Votes: 1
1599215381 (ISBN13: 9781599215389)
Lyons Press
review 1: This was definitely an Erik Larson / "Devil in the White City" wannabe, and it failed miserably. The writing wasn't great, and it desperately needed footnotes. While there's a source list in the back, other than newspapers articles, nothing was directly sourced in the text. Honestly, I read the Wikipedia page about the bank robbery and returned the book to the library 50 pages in. While I would have liked to have known more about the story, I'm glad I didn't spend the month or so it would have taken me to slog through a not-very-interesting book.
review 2: I was very excited to read this book and the subject seemed interesting. It has taken me several months to finish this book (which is only 200 pages!) and I was disappointed with it. I was hoping for some d
... morerama and all I got was a long winded explanation of culture barriors and a refresher on the robber barons. Perhaps its because I am a genealogist, but I was hoping for more on his (George Leslie)family and his day to day life. This skipped over most of that and dryly documented his preparations for each burglary. The burglaries themselves were glossed over. George Leslie was very detailed in his research and I feel like that should have been the focus. Parts were interesting but I probably wouldn't recommend it. less
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Could have used a better editor, very interesting story. Would make a great movie.
I only got to page 110 of 217 pages. It just didn't hold my interest.
Engaging story with characters and events that seem larger than life.
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