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The Reckless Engineer (2013)

by Jac Wright(Favorite Author)
3.61 of 5 Votes: 3
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review 1: This is a great read ... especially if you are a fan of Agatha Christie and Charles Dickens. Hints of Dickensian characters and a traditional mystery are weaved throughout this tale. Short, narrative chapters are interlaced with a great-detailed take of events and realistic conversations around a murder mystery of an affair, handled with care. If you are into suspenseful, easy to read narratives than I would encourage you to pick up a copy of this book.
review 2: This was recommended by someone on Goodreads. It has a strong opening and was a good story line but the writing needs some work. It starts off really well, but halfway through it got a little loose with one scene in particular making me scratch my head and say "what?!", trying to figure out how we got
... morefrom point A to point B with no lead-in. It's a mystery, and it did keep my interest with a surprise 'who' in the 'whodunnit'. I had to laugh at some of the typos which I am now beginning to think are caused by the process of converting books to Kindle form - i.e. San Hose for San Jose, and using the Heinrich maneuver. It was an ok read, but I'd have been unhappy if I'd purchased it. It was an Amazon PRIME loan, so no worries! less
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this story is as credible as the spelling of Spanish names in it lol
This book reads as if it was written by an Engineer, not a poet.
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